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Coronavirus: New measures in occupied areas

The so-called council of ministers in the Turkish-occupied areas adopted on Friday seven new measures against the spread of Coronavirus in its third special meeting on the issue, the CNA reports.

So-called foreign minister Kudret Özersay announced the following measures after the meeting:

-The public is encouraged to avoid unnecessary movements and gatherings

-Issuing of residence permits is suspended for the next 30 days, especially to people aged above 60 years. The public is urged to avoid applying for permits in person unless it’s absolutely necessary

-The so-called tourism ministry will circulate letters to hotels asking them to refrain from organising excursions of more than 10 people

-Travel abroad of so-called public employees are suspended and relevant permits can only be issued at the highest level. Such permits will not be issued unless it’s absolutely necessary

-The operation of so-called universities, the police academy, schools and kindergartens is suspended

-A 24-hour hotline will operate as of Friday evening

-A “ministerial committee” will convene under the “prime-minister” Ersin Tatar to examine the possible impact on the economy and relevant measures that can be taken.

Three more Coronavirus cases were confirmed in the Turkish-occupied areas on Friday, raising the total to five, and four more were confirmed in the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus raising the total to 14.

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