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Coronavirus: MoT tells transport companies to not exceed 50% of capacity

Following an urgent cabinet meeting on Sunday on Coronavirus and subsequent government announcements safeguarding public health and the economy, the Ministry of Transport issued an announcement instructing shuttle companies issuing tickets per passenger to not exceed 50% of their normal capacity.

The measure concerns all transport companies, public transport included, that offer closed-door services conducting journeys to and from the airport, tourist buses, private taxis/buses (urban/rural/inter-city) and vehicle rental companies.

The Ministry calls on all passengers and companies to implement the above measures immediately.

The Ministry has already issued instructions to transport companies , including taxis, for the safety of their passengers and employees.

As regards disinfections of all public transport, measures have already been adopted since last week, and as per MoT’s instructions all competent persons have until March 17 to obtain and place in the interior of vehicles a certificate of disinfection.

The certificate, which should be placed somewhere that can be seen by passengers before boarding, should include the date of disinfection and its expiry date.

Finally, was emphasised that any vehicle without the said certificate will not be able to provide services to the public as of March 18.

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