News Local Coronavirus: MoH publishes list of labs that can carry out Covid-19 tests

Coronavirus: MoH publishes list of labs that can carry out Covid-19 tests

The Health Ministry has announced that after consultations with the Association of Clinical Laboratory Directors, Biomedical and Clinical Laboratory Scientists, a preliminary list has been drawn up of labs that can carry out coronavirus tests using the RT-PCR method which is the only approved method of testing for Covid-19.

These are:

1. ACT-BIO labs partnership (Biomedical Laboratories Harris Harilaou, Andreas Adamou and clinical labs BIOCHECK-Tiggiridi.)

2. Medifos Center of Laboratory Medicine and Molecural Diagnosis

3. Theocharides clinical labs

4. Mendel Center for Biomedical Sciences

5. MyGene Molecular Diagnostics

6. Diogenous lab (C.D. DNA Biomedica Science Lab)

7. KP Lambrou Labs Ltd

8. Bioiatriki  Group (Yannioukas labs)

9. Partnership of Bioanalysis Clinical Labs (Limassol), Tymvios Clinical Labs (Nicosia) and PZ Agapiou Diagnostics

10. NIPD Genetics (from Sunday, March 29)

11. Molecular section of the lab of the American Medical Center (from Monday, March 30)

The list will be updated.

The ministry said that pending the completion of verification of cases under investigation, these will be sent to the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics for final processing and results. Individuals will be informed of their test result by the epidemiological monitoring unit  of the Health Ministry.

It also clarified that the cost of tests which are not referrals by the Health Ministry under protocols of the epidemiological monitoring unit will be paid by the individual.


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