News Local Coronavirus: MoH places ceiling on product prices (table)

Coronavirus: MoH places ceiling on product prices (table)

The Minister of Health issued a decree on Tuesday capping retail and wholesale prices for antiseptics, face masks and thermometers.

The announcement came following complaints from the public on price gouging earlier today.

Keffler 500ml 4.50 7.50
Keffler 1L 8.50 14.45
Octiset 50ml spray 5.56 8.00
Octiset 250ml spray 10.90 15.46
Proseptic gel 200ml 4.20 6.96
Proseptic gel 500ml 9.00 14.67
Proseptic spray 60ml 3.08 5.05
Super Clean 500 ml 7.50 10.50
De Costa antiseptic gel (CY) 250 ml 2.76 4.50
Aseptin spray 60ml 4.94 8.05
Aseptin spray 300 ml 9.62 15.68
Total care 85 ml 2.00 3.30
Total care 500 ml 6.00 9.85
Mister Brewer 96% alcohol in spray, 300ml 3.35 5.50
Just Right 120ml 1.65 2.80
Just Right 50ml 0.71 1.20
Just Right 500ml 3.35 5.70
Face masks
Plain surgical mask 5.00 – 8.00 per 50 pieces 0.16 – 0.20 per piece
Mask with filter 4.00 – 5.00 per piece 5.75 – 7.50 per piece
Forehead thermometer 40.00 – 45.00 60.00 – 79.00 (new technology)
Axillary thermometer 7.00 – 8.00 11.00 – 15.00

*Prices include VAT .

It was also announced that as of tomorrow March 18 at 6 am and until midnight on April 30:

-Visits to all patients in private and public hospitals is prohibited

-Operation of car workshops is suspended

-Businesses providing drive through services will remain open

-Seating areas at canteens located in business premises are prohibited

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