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Coronavirus: MoH issues updated instructions to travellers

The Ministry of Health circulated on Friday updated information for travellers in relation to Coronavirus.

In a follow-up to previous announcements, the ministry advises travellers who don’t present any symptoms and have travelled in the last 14 days to high-risk countries as follows:

Category 1: All passengers who have stayed or travelled to Hubei province in China need to be confined under medical observation.

Category 2: Passengers who have stayed or travelled in other China areas, Northern Italy (areas north of Pisa, Rimini and Florence), the Republic of Korea, Japan, Iran, Singapore and Hong Kong will be instructed to self-isolate in their homes for 14 days (limitation of close contact and movements, adherence to basic hygiene rules, observation and reporting of symptoms).

Category 3: Passengers arriving from Greece (Achaea and Ilia prefectures and Zakynthos island), France, Germany, Spain, central and southern Italy need to self-monitor without limitations to movements, but in case symptoms appear they need to stay at home and contact the helpline 1420 mentioning their latest travel history.

In addition, addressing reports of inadequate health checks at Cyprus airports, the ministry clarified that:

Only travellers from China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Singapore, Hong Kong and Northern Italy are subjected to screenings.

These passengers are escorted by members of the immigration services to examination rooms at the airports to assess their condition by health professionals, who take their temperature and record their medical history.

Any of those passengers not presenting symptoms are instructed to self-isolate at home for 14 days.

In addition, passengers not arriving from the aforementioned high risk countries are called to inform the competent authorities upon arrival of whether they travelled to those countries in the last 14 days. If so, they are subjected to screenings.

Health checks are also conducted on people who report coming into contact with verified coronavirus patients or who present symptoms compatible with a respiratory infection (fever, cough, difficulty breathing).

The same procedure is followed at all entry points of the Republic, including checkpoints, that involves the answering of a questionnaire to establish whether screening is needed.

The Ministry finally calls on all citizens to follow personal hygiene rules and take preventive self-protection measures and urges those presenting symptoms of a respiratory infection to immediately contact the helpline 1420.

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