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Coronavirus: Minister lists businesses that close, those that remain open

As from  6 am tomorrow,  March 16 and for a period of four weeks the following companies must suspend their operations, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou has announced:


    • Malls, department stores
    • Cafes, coffee shops, bars and all catering companies. Delivery services are excluded.
    • Recreation centres
    • Cinemas, theatres, other venues for performances
    • Libraries
    • Museums, archaeological and historic sites
    • Betting shops, casinos etc.
    • Sport facilities, sports clubs, cultural clubs and other clubs
    • Theme parks, luna parks etc
    • Barbers, hairdressers salons, beauty -massage centres


The above companies can carry on administrative or other work behind closed doors, provided they adhere to all rules of hygiene.

Hotels must suspend operations until April 30. They can continue to operate for another six days to cater for existing clients

Retail trade companies which provide basic services which relate to health and the smooth operation of society remain open:

    • Retail food trade eg supermarkets, provided they adhere to the rule of not more than one person at the same time per eight square metres of space
    • Pharmacies
    • Private health services (labs)
    • Open markets
    • Bakeries and delicatessens (no tables or seats)
    • Petrol stations
    • Kiosks

Retail companies which do not belong to the category that must suspend their operation must not have more than five employees in the working area

  • For all companies of the private or public sector which cater to the public, the presence of people in the service area cannot exceed one person per eight square metres including employees
  • The Transport Ministry will announce arrangements for the public transport sector

Other companies not cited in the above categories can continue to opeerate provide the abide strictly with rules of hygiene and protection of personnel on site.


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