News Local Coronavirus: Junior, Senior School operating remotely during the enforced school closure

Coronavirus: Junior, Senior School operating remotely during the enforced school closure

Following the latest developments around the Covid-19 virus outbreak in our country, The Junior and Senior School, as a Microsoft Showcase School, is able to offer remote teaching to its students.

“The Junior and Senior School is one of the two official Microsoft Showcase Schools in Cyprus and as such, during the enforced school closure due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, we are offering online teaching and support to all of our senior and some of our primary students,” said Deborah Duncan, The Junior and Senior school’s Principal.

“Following our emergency plan, that had previously been developed for crisis situations, the school is accelerating the use of the tools available by our Microsoft platform for distance learning that will allow us to deliver The Junior and Senior School’s high-quality education remotely.”

Online teaching technology has been ongoing even before the outbreak to include pupils who were absent from school to avoid any gaps in their learning.

 Using Microsoft tools for distance learning

Through the Microsoft Teams application, The Junior and Senior School’s teachers are able to have interactive lessons with students at their allotted lesson times and can share materials and resources. They can set homework and assignments and then mark and return them to the students with feedback. Primary staff are sending work to parents electronically on a regular basis, and communication with parents and frequent updates are sent electronically.

“All the school staff in Years 5-13 have previously received training using these methods and are already using them to deliver lessons” said Nick Pafitis, the school’s Microsoft Fellow. Nick Pafitis has been working with Microsoft and the Ministry of Education to advise them on how they can support pupils in public schools to access online resources. This had already taken place before the outbreak and the collaboration continues during the schools enforced closure.

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