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Coronavirus: Government denies intends impose curfew

Government spokesman Kyriakos Koushos  denied on Thursday that the government was poised to introduce a curfew.

Asked whether this has been discussed at the meeting of political party leaders with President Nicos Anastasiades today, Koushios said it had not.

For the time being, he noted, there is no decision for imposing such a measure.

“We do not make a secret of it however that there are plans for all possible scenario but this will be depend on developments,” he added, stressing that the government is taking decisions which are based on the advice of experts.

At this stage, he continued, there is no intention of implementing further drastic measures, which does not however rule out the possibility of issuing more decrees, which will not contain drastic measures.

Asked about the matter of private sector doctors and their contribution to the effort against the coronavirus, he said that a plan is in place as to where each doctor will serve, but did not wish to go into further details, adding that Minister of Health Constantinos Ioannou is expected to give further details on that matter.

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