News Local Coronavirus: Foreign ministry shares contact details of diplomatic missions abroad (table)

Coronavirus: Foreign ministry shares contact details of diplomatic missions abroad (table)

The Foreign Ministry published on Wednesday a list of contact details of Cypriot diplomatic missions around the world for people who had travelled abroad for a few days or for medical or professional reasons that are excepted from the travel ban as announced on Tuesday and need to obtain a confirmation from the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Cyprus to be allowed back into the country.

According to yesterday’s announcement, the confirmation from the diplomatic missions can be obtained by people who fall under one of these categories:

-People who travelled abroad for medical reasons

-Are abroad for a short stay for professional reasons or official reasons

-Are allowed entry based on the Vienna Convention

Required documentation to be presented to diplomatic authorities for the issuing of the certificate:

  1. For people who travelled abroad for medical reasons

Medical certificate / proof issued by the medical centre where they were treated. A confirmation letter will also be issued by the diplomatic authorities to the people who accompanied them from Cyprus on the trip or during their treatment / hospitalisation abroad.

2. For people who were abroad for a short stay for professional reasons or official reasons

-Boarding pass or ticket of the flight from Cyprus (for people who were abroad for a short stay)

-Proof from their employer and/or boarding pass, ticket of their flight from Cyprus (for people who were abroad for professional or official reasons)

The Certificate will be issued free of charged. Supporting documentation can be sent to diplomatic missions via email. Issued Certifications can be then sent to beneficiaries also by email.

A list of contact details of Cyprus diplomatic missions abroad can be found below.

For more information, clarifications or to report problems, the public can contact the national crisis management centre on +357 22 801000.

High Commission, London (UK) +44 207 3214100
Embassy, Athens (Greece) [email protected] +30 210  3734800
Embassy, Abu Dhabi (UAE) +971 2 6654480
Embassy, Amman (Jordan) +9626 5657467
Embassy, Beijing (China) +86 10  6532 5057
Embassy, Bratislava (Slovakia) +421 2 32788111
Embassy, Bucharest (Romania)  +40 314336290
Embassy, Cairo (Egypt) [email protected] +20 227377012
High Comission, Canberra (Australia)    [email protected] +612 6281 0832
Consulate General, New York (USA) +1 212 686 6016/7
Consulate General, Thessaloniki (Greece) +30 231 026 0611
Embassy, Copenhagen (Denmark) [email protected]  +45 33  915888
Consulate General, St Petersburg (Russia) +7 812 4562255
Embassy, Beirut (Lebanon) +961 1 213063
Embassy, Belgrade (Serbia) +38111 3620002
Embassy, Berlin (Germany) [email protected] +49 30  3086830
Embassy, Budapest (Hungary) [email protected] +36 1 2666045
Embassy, Madrid (Spain) [email protected] +34 915 783114
Embassy, Paris (France) [email protected] +33 1  47208628
Embassy, Rome (Italy) +39 06  8088365
Embassy, Tel Aviv (Israel) +972 3 927 3000
Embassy, Doha (Qatar) [email protected] +974 44934390
Permanent Mission, Geneva (Switzerland) +41 22 5665410
Embassy, Dublin (Ireland) +353 1 6763060 
Consulate General, Yekaterinburg (Russia) +7 343 282 9215
Embassy, Kiev (Ukraine) +380 44 499 6450
Embassy, Brasilia (Brazil)  +5561 35416892
Embassy, Kuwait City (Kuwait) +965 256 20 580 
Embassy, Lisbon (Portugal) +351 21 3194180
Embassy, Warsaw (Poland) +48 22 844 4577/0816
Embassy, Prague (Czech Republic) +420 281910536
Embassy, Tokyo (Japan) ΄+819017367606
Embassy, The Hague (Netherlands) +31 70 217 2020
Embassy, Havana (Cuba) +537 2125228/
Embassy, Helsinki (Finland) +358 969 62820
High Commission, Ottawa (Canada) +1 613 5639763
Embassy, Holy See (Vatican) +39 06 686 5758
Consulate General, Krasnodar (Russia)  +7 861 221 4313
Embassy, Moscow (Russia) +7 499 575 0310
Embassy, Muscat (Oman) +968 24699815
High Commission, New Delhi (India) +91 11 43586295/96
High Commission, Pretoria (South Africa) [email protected]  +27 12 3463298
Representative office, Ramallah (Palestine) +972 22413206
Consulate General, Samara (Russia)  [email protected] +7 846 207 3351
Embassy, Sofia (Bulgaria) +359 296 17730/1
Embassy, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) +966114602203
Embassy, Stockholm (Sweden) +46 8 245 008
Permanent Representation, Strasbourg (France) +33 3 88249870
Embassy, Teheran (Iran) +98 212 2219842
Embassy, Vienna (Austria) + 43 1  5130630
Embassy, Washington (USA) +1 202 462 5772

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