NewsLocalCoronavirus: Evacuation exercise at Famagusta Hospital (photos)-UPDATE

Coronavirus: Evacuation exercise at Famagusta Hospital (photos)-UPDATE

An exercise for the future treatment of coronavirus cases took place on Tuesday at Famagusta Hospital with the participation of numerous medical staff, Phileleftheros reports.

The exercise involved the evacuation of parts of the hospital with presumed patients and in it participated six ambulances, 15 ambulance staff, doctors, the head of Larnaca hospital and an SHSO representative.

According to insider information, as of Tuesday, the Famagusta hospital has made available 28 beds to treat people diagnosed with Coronavirus in the case of an epidemic or a pandemic. The beds were made available by the clearing of the gynaecology and the children’s departments.

Christina Yiannaki, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health said that if required, the hospital will evacuate certain departments — as per Tuesday’s exercise — in order to be able to treat up to 120 patients with Coronavirus.

She added that the Famagusta Hospital has been chosen as a reference point in the case of an epidemic or pandemic, a measure that has been deemed necessary given the global increase of incidents.

Asked under which circumstances confirmed patients will be transferred to Famagusta Hospital, Yiannaki said “if we have incidents presenting symptoms, then those patients will be transferred to Famagusta Hospital.”

“We are fully prepared, we have initiated collaborations with the private sector and from now on incidents will be redirected to the private sector as required.

“The reason behind selecting the Famagusta Hospital as a reference point is that it handles incidents that can easily be redirected to the private sector. It’s not a hospital that takes on serious incidents as is the case with Nicosia and Limassol.

“It’s very well-organised and well-staffed. We will provide the hospital with the necessary equipment and supplies. We are in direct communication with its excellent scientific manager Amalia Hadjiyianni providing instructions as we move forward,” Yiannaki concluded.

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