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Coronavirus: Authorities in Cyprus prepare for all possible scenarios ahead of Easter, Spokesman says

Authorities in Cyprus prepare for all possible scenarios in relation to the spread of coronavirus ahead of the Easter holiday, next month, when more people are expected to travel. Government Spokesman Kyriacos Koushos told CNA that “we are preparing for all possible outcomes and we are also preparing for measures, which we will initiate upon the arrival of people from countries that have a high number of cases.”

Asked about the situation in Greece, where the number of confirmed cases is rising, Koushos said that there is concern ahead of Easter holidays, since many people are expected to travel between the two countries, including Cypriot students.

The Government Spokesman also said that during the Cabinet meeting, on Tuesday, the ministerial committee tasked with the handling of coronavirus will present its position regarding the temporary closure of four crossing points, and decisions will be taken accordingly. He said, moreover, that the issue was scheduled to be discussed during a Cabinet meeting on Monday but was postponed for Tuesday due to a teleconference between the President of Cyprus and several heads of governments discussing measures to contain the spread of coronavirus.

“Measures to contain coronavirus are being constantly discussed by the ministerial committee and we are taking into account the view of the Crisis Management Center, as well as of the committee that was established at the Health Ministry, comprising officials and external consultants specializing in nosology” he noted.

Asked if he sees any fundamental changes concerning the known facts, Koushos said that at the moment not much has changed “but measures need to be increased.”

Leonidas Phylactou, the President of the Cyprus Institute for Neurology and Genetics (CING) board told CNA that according to the information he had on Monday morning, they were expecting the results for 35-40 suspected cases of coronavirus, but the number could have risen.

Samples are coming in from all cities and there are individuals contacting CING at their own initiative, Phylactou added.

He said that due to the strict measures the Ministry of Health put in place, there is a constant flow of samples sent to CING for checks, he added however that people should not panic.

Phylactou also noted that CING is not authorised to announce any results, but is part of the chain of measures that are put in place to protect public health. Results are sent to the Ministry of Health, which is responsible for making announcements, he concluded.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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