News Local Coronavirus: Another three confirmed cases, Health Ministry says total now 49

Coronavirus: Another three confirmed cases, Health Ministry says total now 49

Another three patients have tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the Republic of Cyprus to 49.

In an announcement on Tuesday afternoon, the Health Ministry said that it had been notified by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics of three new confirmed cases.

They are

  • two people who came into contact with a case which was confirmed a few days ago
  • one person who had returned from Belgium and was in self isolation at home and contacted the authorities after developing symptoms

The epidemiological monitoring unit has started tracing the contacts of the three new cases and will carry out tests, the ministry added.

The ministry said there are now 49 confirmed cases of which 27 are from contact with others who had tested positive.

It added that as far as lab tests are concerned, sampling is based on the protocols of WHO and ECDC in line with available scientific data and after prioritising the real needs.

The public is urged to trust the judgement of health professionals, taking into consideration that at world level, the lab equipment used for the tests has started to show shortages.  Unnecessary tests may create problems for others who actually need the test, it said.

The ministry also recalled that the Cyprus Medical Association has appealed to the medical community to express an interest to provide scientific help to deal with the pandemic.

The ministry said it looked forward to the positive response of doctors, since in similar situations the medical community has shown professionalism and a high sense of responsibility

Protecting public health is the responsibility of all, it concluded.

There are also seven confirmed cases in the Turkish held north.

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