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Coronavirus: 15 booked for breaking decrees, including two churches

Two churches were booked for breaking decrees introduced to contain the spread of coronavirus as police stepped up efforts islandwide to ensure compliance — carrying out more than 3000 checks in the past 24 hours alone.

They said that from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday they had booked 15 violations — a kiosk in Nicosia, a kiosk in the Morphou areas, two coffee shops and a shooting range in Larnaca, a bar in Limassol and two places of worship  one each in Paphos and in the Morphou area. Six were booked at as open market in Paphos as was a street vendor, also in Paphos.

Police said they were checking to ensure compliance with decrees prohibiting gatherings of more than 75 people, regulating the operation of shops and other premises which are allowed to operate and checking shops and other premises such as catering establishments which are obliges to suspend operations.

They said that from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday, officers had checked nightclubs, casinos, betting shops and clubs, coffee shops and cafeterias, restaurants and fast food establishments, bakeries and supermarkets, pharmacies, malls and department stores, barbers, hair dressers and beauty parlours.

They also checked gyms, sport facilities, sport and cultural clubs, cinemas, theatres, museums, archaeological sites, hotels and places of worship and visited the hotels being used as quarantine facilities.

Since March 11, they have carried out more than 11,000 checks and reported 32 violations.

“Police are carrying our strict checks and are booking those who do not comply, without discrimination or exception, with the aim of the full implementation of the decrees to deal with the coronavirus pandemic,” the police announcement said.

Violation of the decree is punishable with prison and/or a fine, police added.


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