InsiderEconomyConsumers unprotected from new wave of increases to food prices

Consumers unprotected from new wave of increases to food prices

The prices of basic goods, even of locally produced ones, have skyrocketed in November due to international increases in raw material and huge freight rates for containers’ transport.

Important increases are seen in the prices of cereals, sugar, pulses, and vegetables.

The increased prices are seen in the last research conducted by the Consumer Protection Service on 10/11/2021, which is taking place every month and includes the same products. For example, the price of a 10-kilo gas cylinder increased from 11.80 in October to 16.20, an increase of 14.3%.

Furthermore, the prices of all kinds of bread have increased by approximately 10%.

Also the price of fresh potatoes in two month increased by 85%, meaning from 59 cents in September is now sold 1.09.

Increases are also seen in the prices of various types of cheese, cereals as well as pasta, both locally produced and imported.

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