News Local Committee set up for special permits for entry to Republic

Committee set up for special permits for entry to Republic


A committee has been set up to examine requests for special permission to enter the Republic of Cyprus for persons who are travelling from countries that are not listed in Group A and B, the Interior Ministry has announced.

These relate to the following cases:

(1)  first degree relatives of persons residing legally in the Republic and/or who are economically active in the Republic (wife, children, parents) for family reunification purposes

(2) persons, irrespective of citizenship whose arrival in the Republic is essential to implement projects of the public sector or for other professional obligations

After securing special permission from the Committee, applicants must obtain the Cyprus Flight Pass via the special portal of the Republic.

The ministry clarified that all the migratory procedures remain in place, and all rules under the aliens and migration law must be adhered to. For example, if a visa, entry permit or work permit etc are required, then these must be obtained from the relevant authorities of the Republic.

People wishing to come to Cyprus must take all the necessary steps so as to obtain all the required approvals and permits, it added

Requests for special permission from the Committee must be submitted electronically to the committee on  Covid[email protected] and include the following information from the applicant:

(1) Country of origin

(2)  Name and surname as these appear on the passport or ID

(3)  Citizenship

(4)  Telephone number

Under the decree, arrivals from countries not in Group A or B are restricted to Cypriot citizens and legal residents and their spouses and underage children.

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