InsiderBusinessCFA Society Cyprus celebrates 15th anniversary with record number of new members

CFA Society Cyprus celebrates 15th anniversary with record number of new members

CFA Society Cyprus celebrated its 15th anniversary in the presence of its members, executives of the broader financial sector as well as the Deputy President of the House Finance Committee, Marios Mavrides, and the member of the CFA Institute’s Board of Governors, George Spentzos.

At a special ceremony in Nicosia, the Society’s Board of Directors awarded its new members who acquired the Chartered Financial Analyst title after successfully passing the three-level exam and completing the four-year required work experience in the field of investment management.

The 29 new members marked a new record for CFA Society Cyprus this year, with its total number of members now reaching 147, fifteen years after it was founded and started operating in Cyprus as the local representative of CFA Institute.  .

A video was presented at the start of the event, with a congratulatory message by CFA Institute President and CEO Paul Smith on the Society’s work and 15 years in action, as well as statements by the Society’s previous presidents.

CFA Society Cyprus President Marios Georgiades thanked all past board members and volunteers that have helped the Society over the past 15 years, and referred to its important role.

“Besides the excellent technical training, adopting a high level of ethical behaviour is a priority of ours in order to boost trust in the financial sector and offer a proper service to our clients. Another initiative we are starting this year is an effort to tackle financial illiteracy. This is a journey we want to start by approaching local high schools and informing students about financial choices and future financial planning.  We believe such an initiative will make a difference as it will have a positive impact on the younger generation who are the future professionals,” he said.

Mavrides also referred to the need to eradicate financial illiteracy, while he congratulated CFA Society Cyprus on its action. “It is something we are in dire need of in Cyprus; to educate people and provide them with the correct information to make the right decisions. Financial illiteracy is a major problem, not just in Cyprus; but in Cyprus we paid a very high price for being financially illiterate. Many people have made many wrong decisions; also policy makers made a lot of mistakes, bad decisions that cost Cyprus society not just money but also a lot of pain”, he said.

On his part, George Spentzos from the CFA Institute’s Board of Governors referred to how important and recognised, in Cyprus as well as internationally, the title of chartered financial analyst (CFA) is, and “the duty we have towards the clients whose wealth we are managing to always put their interests first”.

The new members

The new members of CFA Society Cyprus are: Vasilis Ntiskos, Dionysios Sinanos, Karim Mohamed Hany Anastasiou, Viktor Anokhin, Christos Antoniou,  Christoforou Nicolas, Georgios Chrysanthou, Alexandros Clappas, Omar Mahmoud El Foudeh, Irena Georgiadou Stavrides, Rezeda Ivoylova, Georgios Karagiannis, Mari Louroutziati, Serhiy Matviychuk, Georgios Mavros, Evgenii Mitiukov, Natalie Nicolaidou, Charilaos A. Papanastasiou, Dimitrios Papanikolaou, Prodromos Papanikolaou, Zenon Papaphilippou, Christos Papoutsas, Stefanos Pattichis, Petros Petrou, Menelaos Poullis, Vasilis Procopiou, Themistoklis Takkides, Georgios Vasiliou, Georgios Violetti and Phanos Vladimirou.

CFA Society Cyprus congratulated the new members and urged them to continue as ambassadors of the moral values and high-level professionalism that CFA Institute represents.


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