NewsLocalCCA asks for revision of sale price of surgical masks

CCA asks for revision of sale price of surgical masks

The Cyprus Consumers Association (CCA) is asking the Minister of Health to revise the maximum retail price of simple surgical masks immediately.

In an announcement the CCA mentions that the Ministers Decree no. 38 setting the maximum retail price of surgical masks at €0.70 cents a piece is over the top and does not contribute to the protection of the financial interests of consumers.

Under the current circumstances, masks are one of the most basic and essential goods that consumers need. So their retail price should correspond to their usefulness and necessity.

The CCA, taking into account the international wholesale prices of these masks from their manufacturers and the average retail price in Cyprus, estimates that their maximum retail price should not exceed €0.50 cents per piece.

Setting by the maximum retail price at €0.70 cents per piece has the effect of maintaining high prices to the detriment of consumers, instead of holding back the high prices that were the purpose of issuing the Decree.


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