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Cases where sms not necessary to move around locked down Cyprus

Now that Cyprus is under a total lockdown, movement by exception is permitted without sending a text message for specific cases only.

These cases are:

—for the movement of people with disabilities and persons falling within the spectrum of autism, together with their carers

—for walking a domestic animal, provided that it is limited to the area adjacent to the house – within a radius of 500 m from their residence. And provided that they do not exceed two persons, except for minor children accompanied by their parents

—for transportation of minor children to and from day-care, nurseries, kindergartens, pre-primary and special education

As for movement between Districts, this is allowed provided that the purpose falls within the points of use of a text message and does not exceed three hours.

There are exception to these restrictions as well, and these include movement for hunting and fishing purposes, for the transport of soldiers and for going to and from the airport.

Also exempted is movement for funerals, for the care of the elderly and those who are unable to care for themselves in a different District from that of permanent residence or for agricultural and veterinary work purposes.

Moreover, private cars may carry persons of the same household, including minor children of the family, depending on the capacity of the vehicle, without the use of a mask.

In the case where persons are from different households, up to three of them, including the driver, may ride together but with mandatory use of a mask.

For movement for work purposes, in a private vehicle with a capacity of more than five persons (e.g., workers on construction sites, transporters, etc.) up to four may ride together with mandatory use of a mask.

For work purposes and if the private vehicle has a capacity of less than five persons, up to three may ride together with mandatory use of a mask.



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