News Local Cabinet green lights phase 3 of relaxation of restrictions

Cabinet green lights phase 3 of relaxation of restrictions

Cabinet on Wednesday gave the green light for phase three of the relaxation of restrictions that had been imposed to stem the coronavirus outbreak that includes the opening of airports, nurseries and malls.

The decision was announced by Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou who said that cabinet had taken into consideration the “very positive epidemiological picture” as well as the recommendations of the team of scientists advising the government on the coronavirus outbreak.

Ioannou also said that phase four was being brought forward to June 24, from the initial July plan.

Restrictions on gatherings to a maximum of 10 people remain in force until then.

As he said, christening and wedding parties  and open air festivals would be allowed as of September 1.

Ioannou said that the opening of the checkpoints was not discussed by cabinet.

The decisions as announced by the minister:

From June 5

Opening of public swimming pools

From June 9

  • malls
  • airports/airlines
  • ports/cruise ships,
  • catering establishments indoor service but taking into consideration their size and capacity depending on square metres
  • open air theatres and open air cinemas (restrictions on numbers depending on square metres)
  • sports competitions without fans
  • nurseries, kindergartens
  • children’s clubs
  • outdoor children’s play areas
  • all day and summer schools (reopening of canteen and kitchens provided food is served in closed containers. There must be supervision of children at canteens to ensure distancing)
  • summer schools

From June 13

  • Casinos
  • Dance and other schools (eg kickboxing etc)
  • Gyms
  • Theme parks, water parks, luna parks

The minister noted that final decisions have not been taken regarding phase 4. But he said that indoor theatres and cinemas are to reopen in August while wedding and christenings and graduations will be moved to September 1.

Ioannou said that health protocols and guidelines are being drawn up for the businesses that will reopen.

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