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Burglary suspect arrested at Larnaca Airport

A 24 year old man was arrested as he was trying to depart Cyprus as police investigate two cases of burglary and theft, causing damage, illegal possession of property and illegal residence in the Republic.

Police said that on November 4 they had been investigated a burglary of a Nicosia apartment from which various items worth 2580 euro were stolen and damage of 85 euro caused. On the same day, Nicosia police noticed that the door of a second apartment in the same building had also been tampered with, resulting in damage of 85 euro.

At midday on Saturday, police were informed that a person whose name was on the stop list in connection with burglary and theft had gone to Larnaca Airport to depart Cyprus. Larnaca police who went to the airport found that the 24 year old has been living illegally in Cyprus since October 31.

He and his luggage was searched and police found a camera, three magnifying glasses, a tablet and three watches for which he could not give adequate explanation.

It later emerged that the items were the result of burglaries committed in Limassol and Larnaca.


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