NewsLocalBritish woman back in court on Tuesday for false rape claim

British woman back in court on Tuesday for false rape claim

A 19 year old British woman who had claimed she was gang raped by 12 Israeli youths at her Ayia Napa hotel only to later retract her statement appeared before Famagusta district court on Monday.

As her lawyer is abroad and she constitutes a flight risk, the court ordered she remain under arrest until tomorrow when the court will reconvene.

The woman, who is being held on suspicion of public mischief as a result of making false allegations, was brought to court her face covered. She followed the proceedings with her head lowered.

Philenews’ correspondent in Paralimni said that police took measures to ensure that the proceedings were not videotaped. It added that the court room was packed with British and Israeli journalists.

The 12 young men were released — five of them on Friday and the remaining seven on Sunday, after police found nothing incriminating against them.

Police said that a search of telecommunications and other findings had turned up no evidence against them.

The young woman had initially told police she was gang raped by 12 Israelis in a room at the hotel where she was staying.

But late on Saturday she admitted that she had had consensual sex with some of the young men but had been upset when she later discovered she had been filmed and made up the rape claim.



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