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45 British tourists in occupied north leaving from Paphos

Forty-five British tourists holidaying in the Turkish-held north were given exception, following an arrangement between the British and Cypriot governments, to travel to the government-controlled areas through the Bases and depart for Gatwick, London via Paphos airport.

The tourists went through the Pyla checkpoint by bus, undergoing all the necessary health checks and travelled directly to the Paphos airport to catch their EasyJet flights.

According to spokesman Kyriakos Kousios, the first flight, which departed at 1435, carried 199 passengers, mostly Britons trapped in the government controlled areas.

On the 45 Britons that travelled from the Turkish-held north, Kousios said that they were accompanied by police from British Bases territory all the way to the Paphos Airport, taking the necessary protective measures and then boarded the 1435 flight.

The government spokesman said that staff accompanying them as well as Paphos Airport personnel that came into contact, took all the necessary protective measures, wearing gloves and masks, keeping a safe distance and using disinfectants.

Kousios said that the 45 included people with Turkish names, but holders of foreign passports, mostly British.

Tweeting yesterday, the British High Commission in Cyprus had informed the British tourists of this arrangement, noting that they would be ‘exceptionally be permitted to use the Sovereign Base Area crossing point at Pergamos’, upon presenting a confirmed flight ticket.

Measures would be in force to protect public health, it said in the tweet.

There were two arrivals today at Paphos airport, one carrying 40 passengers. The 2nd one was empty.

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