Stay HomeBirdLife: 11+1 things to do with your children at home

BirdLife: 11+1 things to do with your children at home

BirdLife Cyprus has put together a variety of activities, crafts, games, videos and documentaries to keep children busy and creative at home during the lockdown, while learning about the wonderful world of birds and nature.

They range from making bird masks, paper birds and bird baths, solving a crossword or watching the NGO’s documentary and enttering a drawing competition

In addition, BirdLife Cyprus has a free mobile app, ‘Feathered Journeys’  which introduces users  to the birds of Cyprus, the wonder of migration and its challenges and allows them to report poaching and illegal bird trapping incidents.

The app is suitable for children as well as adults and is available for free in Greek and English for both Android and iOS (mobile phones and tables). The app is also available for download for PCs here (excluding the reporting option).

And the NGO says it would be happy to see photos of the activities you try at home! Send your photos to [email protected] or share them on social media and tagging BirdLife Cyprus (on Facebook or Instagram).

Photo from the website of BirdLife Cyprus.

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