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Best Traditional Coffee shops in Cyprus

There is a certain magic in the atmosphere of a coffee-shop (kafeneio) – ouzeri which you cannot find in a restaurant or a café. I think it is the essence of Mediterranean soul, which comes alive with a three-hour coffee break served with snacks.

Kala Kathoumena

If you want to drink a simple coffee without syrup, whipped cream, truffles, nuts and stars, you will go to the legendary Kala Kathoumena in Nicosia. Of course you won’t have just coffee but also beer with olives and tsamarella or pitta with halloumi.

It is a peculiar, relaxed shop with a bohemian atmosphere.

Nikokleous 21, Old Nicosia, 22664654, Monday-Sunday 10:00-23:00

Kafeneio ‘Apomero’

A few years ago, I remember walking around with my husband and my (then) tiny son when we stumbled upon this cute coffee shop. It had just opened and we felt like modern Colombuses who just discovered America.

Unfortunately, I am not the best person to make recommendations for their menu, because whenever I go there I order the same thing. The best orange pie I have ever eaten.

The pie is great with coffee but as my husband says, their galaktoboureko and cheese-pie are also very nice. All made by the leader of this shop, Mrs. Androulla.

Polyviou 24, Nicosia, 97848155-99358919, Monday-Sunday 09:00-23:00 (Closed on Tuesdays)

Mousikon Kafeneion

Old Nicosia is incredible when the sun shines, which is most of the time. This is true especially when you enjoy a leisurely break at a traditional coffee shop, such as “Mousikon” at the end of Onasagorou Street. You can claim your spot at one of the white traditional chairs and enjoy a cup of coffee, hot or cold, soumada, lemonade, rose drink and karafakia (drinks in miniature bottles).

As time goes on, so will the ouzo, tsipoura, and Greek or Cypriot wines come to your table, in regular bottle or miniature size. Aside from dry nuts, when they bring you cucumber, carrot, olives, and bread, that will be their way of truly welcoming you. If you wish to have a bite with your drinks, there is “ouzomeze” with marinated seafood (octopus, anchovies), feta cheese, pickled vegetables, tomato and cucumber. There is also meze ideal for your wine, including ham, lountza, cheese, cucumber, tomato, olives, and the like. Also there is meze for beer, including parmesan and aged cheddar cheese, halloumi, ham from Agros, lountza in wine sauce, seasonal vegetables, pickled veggies, and dry nuts. And let’s not forget the big fruit platter with seasonal picks.

On Mondays and some Wednesdays there are three friends who gather to play music, from rembetika to folk music and some nice popular songs.

78 Onasagorou, Nicosia, 22 660 123, Monday-Sunday 10:00-00:00

Prozak. Kafeneio

Aesthetically beautiful, with warm retro touches and a new-Bohemian, artistic, alternative atmosphere without being sophisticated. Every little detail is thoughtful in a way that makes you feel welcome. The coffee is wonderful, as well as its various snacks, but here you will come especially for the awesome and unique events they organize, such as art exhibitions, Open Mic evenings, poetry or theater, wonderful live music and many other activities.

Medontos 3Α, Nicosia, 22104244,  Monday-Saturday, 12:00-23:00

Kafeneio Avozo

At Avozo you will feel the appetite for life that Limassolians have. Despite being a coffee shop, there is plenty of dancing here.

A wonderful place where you will feel intimacy and comfort, with delicious snacks just as your grandmother would have made them: eggs, lountza, halloumi, toast, jam and pizza. They also serve apple pie with hazelnut flour.

On cold nights people here eat Louvana soup, sing, dance and fall in love. Go and join them!

Eleftherias 108, Limassol, 96825554, Monday-Friday 16:00-10:45, Saturday 10:00-23:00, Sunday 10:00-23:30

Ilektrika Eidi

Although it does not fit the ‘traditional coffee shop’ definition, I have to include it due to its relaxing atmosphere and its popularity. Located in Saripolou street, full of positive energy and life, here one can enjoy coffee (both Cypriot and cold brew), a lemonade, a beer and and a Negroni Sbagliato.

Their desserts are also wonderful.

Hadjioloizi Michailidi 3-25, Limassol, 25763503, Monday-Saturday 09:00-01:00, Sunday 16:00-01:00

Mallon Glikis

Mallon Glikis is a traditional coffee shop located in the busy Saripolou Square of Limassol. The menu includes standard coffee-shop platters (cured meat, cheese, bread, fruits) at very good prices. They are is a plenty of space to sit outside and enjoy a beer or warm wine and chat with friends.

Saripolou Square, Limassol, 25355325, Monday-Thursday 16:00-01:00, Friday-Sunday 10:00-01:00

ANANAs 8bit coffee

ANANAs 8Bit Coffee is a cozy, alternative place in Paphos where you can enjoy exceptional, aromatic coffee, homemade snacks, and have a great time you’re your friends. Original and stylish, it is the place-to-be, if you are looking for authentic experiences. Jazz gigs, cinema screenings, as well as various artistic events (such as the Freakin Flora Party or the Sweat Party) often take place at the cafe.

Athinas 35 Α-35Β, Paphos, 26600126, Monday- Sunday: 10:00-17:00

Koutourou Ouzeri

Coffee shop by morning, cookery by day, and ouzo bar by night. The Koutourou Ouzo bar and coffee shop – in a beautifully restored 19th house – in Paphos is changing face three times a day, but the denominator stays the same: delicious food prepared by owner chef Demitris Nikolaou.

It looks as if this spot came straight out from an old and narrow ally in Athens, with Demitris’ antique collection hanging from the walls and rembetika songs dominating the repertoire. The lunch menu is different every day, depending on the availability of fresh ingredients. His burgers, two a piece, and his salmon are both on high demand. In the night, the scenery changes with smaller dishes, each one with a unique touch by Demitris himself.

Some of our favourites include three-cheese stuffed peppers, cheese and olive oil from Crete, braised spaghetti, tweaked halloumi cheese and pita with leaks and mushrooms.

25th Martiou, Paphos, 26952953, Monday-Sunday 11:00-15:00, 19:00-01:00

Zythokafeneion Apanemia

In the heart of Paralimni, there is a place which everyone can enjoy and above all where everyone can be themselves. Coffee shop, ouzeri, tavern, boite, name it as you wish.

Do you want coffee with live music? No problem. Do you want to play tavli while drinking ouzo? No problem. Do you snack Greek meze with strange cocktails? No problem.

Here you can have all the above in any combination.

Archibishop Kyprianos Avenue 1, Paralimni, 23721266, Tuesday-Sunday 18:00-01:30

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