Eat & Drink Nicosia Best gastronomical experiences in Nicosia

Best gastronomical experiences in Nicosia

Are you looking for tasty escapades with your family and friends? We present some of the trendiest restaurants in Nicosia which will help you find your next gastronomical destination!

Pralina Experience

One of the city’s trendiest spots is undoubtedly the Pralina Experience, which after being renovated brought another air to the gastronomy of the city. In its wonderful interior you will experience an excitingly tasteful experience, since professional chefs promise imaginative and exquisite dishes made with quality raw materials. You can visit it from early in the morning for brunch and snacks or even at noon or night, where you can choose among the list of delicious dishes of the day and other interesting gastronomic options.

Exquisite appetizers, fresh salads and meat, fishes or pasta promise to impress even the most demanding palate.

Stasikratous 31, Nicosia, Monday-Sunday: 09:00-01:00, 22665588

Bottega Amaro

Nicosia’s new and stylish all day bar restaurant opened its doors last Christmas and since then, remains a top choice. With exceptional Italian decoration and a range of selected recipes such as beef tartar with truffle, grilled tuna or cod, complemented by the great assortment of black beans, there is no doubt: Bottega Amaro is here to stay!

Pindarou 14, Nicosia, 22777270, Monday-Sunday, 9:00-00:00

Barrique Wine & Deli

Barrique combines elegant decor, proper lighting and romantic atmosphere, offering a jaw- dropping breadth and depth when it comes to choosing a bottle of good wine. The restaurant’s new menu invites you to try new dishes, all cooked to perfection. Enjoy the parmesan crème brûlée with fig marmalade and anchovies sticks, an appetizer that stands out for its delicate flavor. Persimmon salad with lettuce, hazelnuts, lotus, goat cheese and orange sauce is our favorite, while linguine alle vongole with wine sauce and garlic is an excellent choice from the main course menu.

Menandrou 4, Nicosia, 22263777, Monday-Saturday 10:00-1:00, Sunday 18:00-1:00


Pinakothiki restaurant housed in the A.G. Leventis Libaray in Nicosia, has recently undergone complete renovation; it changed owners, décor, menu and concept. Imposing and elegant, it’s as much an attraction as the food. Situated in the heart of the capital, it’s perfect for romantics taking a minbreak as it reminds a classic French bistro. On the menu, you’ll find quiches, viennoiserie and pattiserie, breakfast options, light snacks, salads, sandwiches, pasta and meat dishes. Pinakothiki is open daily and offers a special menu for business lunches.

Anastasiou Leventi 5, Nicosia, 22668820, Monday-Sunday: 09:30-17:00, Wednesday: 09:30-23:00

La Cantine

Another spot to be added to the list of good restaurants in the capital. It is a cozy place located on the busy Onasagorou Street. There you will find All Day options starting early in the morning with brunch and coffee and ending in the evening for dinner, from which you can choose from the list of delicious suggestions and dishes based in international and Mediterranean cuisine. In its lovely bar you can enjoy cool cocktails and other spirits enjoying rustic decor and chill music.

Onasagorou 24, Nicosia, 22 343534, Monday-Sunday: 10:00-2:00

Sexy Fish

Sexy fish is not actually a tavern, not a fish restaurant either! This Nicosia newcomer is here to introduce us to a totally new, fresh concept, without reminding anything else similar in the city. As the owner, Andreas Hadjistefanou, explains, ‘Sexy Fish’ aspires to shake things up with extraordinary fish dishes coming with a modern twist, such as the seafood moussaka or their famous salma. All meals are carefully cooked to perfection, made by fresh, selected materials, preserving the quality of ‘Souxou Mouxou Mantalakia’ that was previously located there. However, ‘Sexy Fish’ has the undeniable advantage of value for money, since the most expensive dish comes at €14, while you can enjoy the‘magic platter’ for €19 only.

Onasagorou 47, Nicosia, 22 666600, Monday-Saturday: 18.00-23:00


After 10 years, Nicosia’s favourite spot changes location, appearance and menu. In the new menu you cannot help but see the love of the chef and the owners for Greek cuisine. This is evident in every dish, from the rich fresh salads and the all time classic pseudo-meatballs, the new trachanokeftedes, to the chicken and the stuffed burgers.

Metochiou 38, Nicosia, 22 675151, Monday-Saturday: 12:30 AM – 4:00 PM, 7:30 PM – 11:00 PM


The Balcony is located in the busiest neighbourhood of the city. Both the friendliness that surrounds the area and its atmosphere are some of the elements that have put it in the list of must-see destinations worth in the capital. It is housed in an old classical building that was completely renovated. Tasty suggestions and international dishes are among the options, while its superb interior courtyard is an ideal setting for a drink and relaxation.

Faneromenis 61, Tuesday-Friday, 18:00-02:00, Saturday 11:00-2:00, 99 999626

Mousse All Day

A new entry in the capital. This spot is ideal for hanging out anytime of the day. Here, you can start your day with a coffee, to have lunch or dinner and continue throughout the early morning hours with cocktails or wine.

Giannou Kranidioti 6, Nicosia, 70001131, Monday-Thursday: 7:00-24:00, Friday 7:00-01:00, Saturday 9:00-01:00, Sunday 09:00-24:00


One of the hottest spots of the city, ideal for eating, drinking and relaxing. Here you will taste delicious dishes influenced by international and Mediterranean cuisine as well as delicious gourmet dishes. The signature cocktails of the restaurant are always at your disposal to accompany the food of your choice or you can choose one of the wines in the big wine cellar.

Spyrou Kyprianou 3, Nicosia, Monday-Sunday: 17:00-1:00, 22 767696


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