Eat & Drink Larnaca Bastet Artisan Restaurant

Bastet Artisan Restaurant

By Artemis Evagorou

Elegant ebony decor, with golden touches and small playful notes of ancient Egypt. This is Bastet and I, with my new Cleopatra haircut felt like I suited the environment.

I started with the crab salad with onion, fresh chili, mango cubes and avocado. It was delicious. The fresh crab “worked” harmoniously and nicely with the rest of the ingredients, producing a light and delicious effect. The garnish added a gentle crisp texture, so remember to eat it too. I continued with a crispy duck salad with spinach, quinoa, roasted beetroot, pear, carrots, walnuts, pomegranate and feta cheese. The crispy duck was delicious.

I also tried the restaurant’s signature dish: Black handmade tagliolini with squid ink, crab, fresh chili, garlic, cooked in lobster broth and garnished with 23-carat gold leaves. What to say? A blockbuster! Visually, the pasta fits neatly with the whole décor of the shop. It is mild, delicious and warm dish.

I finished my lunch with the French lamb served with pumpkin puree, cabbage, purple carrot and  mint sauce. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I will never become vegan! I send kisses and my love to vegan friends, but really you are missing out. Can you not take a small break? Just for this dish? No; All right, let’s talk to the carnivores now. Wonderful! The tenderest meat you will try, deliciously flavored with mint sauce. The lively orange pumpkin purée was sweet and velvety. The sauce is very good. The greens were delicious and yes, very nutritious.

Q-City Centre, Larnaca

70 003513

Monday-Sunday: 9:00-2:00


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