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Available treatments

Elective surgery:

There are as many different kinds of elective procedures available as there are bones in the body. They can include fertility treatments, cardiovascular treatments, gynaecological surgery, musculoskeletal surgery, and more


Renowned Cyprus hospitals are equipped to handle all phased of heart disease from the elementary to the latest clinical procedures such as interventional cardiac catheterisation, coronary angiography, and coronary angioplasty with stent implantation (PTCA), impantation of pacemakers, implantable defibrillators (ICD) and CRT/D and catheterisation through radial artery as well as non-invasive interventions. Non-invasive intervention includes stress echo, 3D echo, myocardial scintigraphy and Cardiac CT and Cardiac MRI.

Orthopaedic surgery:

A number of orthopaedic procedures are available such as hip and knee replacement, bone transportation, spine surgery and limb sparing surgery, all kinds of musculoskeletal problems ranging from arthritis to sports injuries, to complex broken bones, bone tumours and childhood conditions like scoliosis, can be treated most effectively.


State-of-the-art dental surgeries equipped with cutting edge technologies, fibre optic instruments, soft laser for the healing of the mucous membrane, panorama X-rays and conscious sedation equipment, offer the full range of services including aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, paediatric, peridontology and implantology,

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery:

The patient’s motivation, to look and feel better, is directly related to their sense of self-esteem. Available treatments include laser peel or facelift, breast argumentation, external ultrasound lipolysis and hair replacement, to mention a few, all aimed at improving one’s appearance and generating a new sense of confidence.

Eye surgery:

Specialist centres in Cyprus provide treatments for a wide range of eye disorders. Highly trained ophthalmic specialists deal with the full range of eye diseases including laser vision correction, cataract, glaucoma and cornea treatment.

Advanced Reproductive Technology:

Specialist clinics provide the most up to date fertility techniques with high levels of success. Treatments include conventional IVF treatments, pre-implantation genetic screening and egg donation.

Climatotherapy Treatments:

Scientifically positioned centres make full use of the advantages of the island’s climate for therapeutic purposes. For example, children’s asthma is treated at centres whereby a dry climate, protected from northern winds, is considered ideal.
The island of Aphrodite, with over 300 days of sunshine proudly offers it bright climate to alleviate any symptoms resulting from a lack of sunshine visitors may experience in their home countries.

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