News Local Australian Cypriot woman found dead in Brisbane was 'considering moving back' to...

Australian Cypriot woman found dead in Brisbane was ‘considering moving back’ to Cyprus

The brother of Ioli Hadjilyra, the 26 year old woman found dead under suspicious circumstances in Brisbane has spoken out on her devastating death.

The body of the 26 year old artist, an Australian-Cypriot dual citizen, was found in Kalinga Park by council workers in a garden under a railway overpass.

Brisbane police are treating the death as suspicious and a possible homicide.

Her older brother Alexander-Michael Hadjilyra told the Brisbane Times he is heartbroken his sister died so far away from her two brothers and sister who all live in Cyprus.

‘If I had the chance to tell her, I would tell her what I always tell her, and that is to take care of your life,’ he told the Brisbane Times.

“She was a kind soul, it is just that she strayed away.”

He said his father – who lives in Brisbane – called him on Thursday and told him that police broke the news to him at around midnight.

Hadjilyra lost contact with Ioli in 2016 when she moved back to Brisbane with her father.

The last time the siblings spoke was around a week ago, when she told her brother she wanted to leave Australia and move back to Cyprus.

Hadjilyra said he wanted to remember his sister for her “kind soul.”

“She was very kind. She was a free spirit … I don’t know what else to say, really.”

Ioli Hadjilyra has been remembered as a talented sketch artist and loving sister to her three siblings. They all live in Cyprus.

Detective Inspector Tim Trezise said it appeared attempts had been made to disguise her body in the bushes.

She was found with no wallet, ID or phone and “it appears some of her clothing, her garments, have been interfered with and removed”.

Detectives are yet to reveal the results of an autopsy, and said it was too early to determine whether she had been sexually assaulted.

They’re also still unsure what Hadjilyra was doing in the park on Wednesday, and believe she may have been there overnight before her body was eventually discovered.

A series of her sketches were found scattered near her body.

Police are still assessing whether they believe she had been working on the pieces in the moments leading up to her death or whether they had been dropped after the fact.

She was described as a ‘popular young lady’ by Inspector Trezise.



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