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Auditor General checks disobedient reserves

Following a check of the Auditor General at the Social Insurance Department, it was ascertained that around 160 people, related to politicians, had been allegedly abroad either for studies or work but at the same time they were paying social insurance, something that means they were working in Cyprus.

The House Watchdog Committee yesterday checked the Auditor General’s report, noting that in addition to the persons related to politicians, among the disobedient reserves were mayors, community heads, policemen, and others.

It was pointed out that following the measures taken, 90-95% of the reserves have now stated their presence to the National Guard.

Regarding the small percentage of those who are still disobedient, more measures will be taken at ports, airports, checkpoints, while there was also a suggestion about a fine of 500 euros, even though that was deemed too high.

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