NewsLocalAt least 20 Paralimni Lyceum pupils to face animal cruelty charges

At least 20 Paralimni Lyceum pupils to face animal cruelty charges

At least 20 students will face charges of animal cruelty and use of firecrackers at the Paralimni Lyceum to mark the start of their final year in school, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

Most of them are final year students but there are some fifth-graders involved as well, the report also said, adding that almost all of them were totally uncooperative with the police.

The unacceptable incident took place on Monday a week when the pupils decided to ‘celebrate’ their first day back in school by hurling firecrackers and throwing rabbits and chickens from the first floor of the school building.

Some of the animals – which were stolen from a local farm the night before – had died from the fall.

The school’s head teacher officially filed a complaint about the incident with the police the morning after and gave a statement. Other teachers and pupils also gave statements.

However, police had already launched a probe on Monday as soon as these unacceptable actions were brought to their attention since videos and photos had circulated on social media.

And they had raised a storm of protests after showing parts of the school blanketed in smoke, while small animals were thrown from the balcony.

The Animal Party which denounced the incident and called for justice also pointed out that the law against animal cruelty applies to offenders aged 14 and above.


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