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Assistant Auditor General demands salary increase and limousine

The doubling of his salary and an official limousine is being requested by the Assistant Auditor General, Kyriakos Kyriakou, who believes that he should be paid the same as his supervisor, Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides, as well as equal benefits. Kyriakou sent a request letter to the Ministry of Finance and lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman.

The Assistant Auditor General is on the A16 pay scale, with annual gross earnings of €86,624. In essence, Kyriakou is requesting a 42% salary increase as the Auditor General’s annual gross earnings amount to €123,088. Additionally, the Auditor General is entitled to a 24-hour service vehicle exclusively for his use, a benefit that Michaelides has voluntarily renounced yet is claimed by his assistant. In support of his arguments, Kyriakou cites the case of the Assistant Attorney General, who has the same earnings and benefits as the Attorney General.

A precedent is already in place seen as the then Assistant Auditor General, Spyros Christou, brought to justice the exact same request that Kyriakou has today. The Supreme Court ruling dated 9/12/1992, which is published on the website of the Cyprus Bar Association, notes that although the Assistant Attorney General is subject to the Attorney General’s instructions, there is, however, a clear provision (Article 112.4) in the Constitution that both serve on the same terms. However, in the case of the Assistant Auditor General there is no such provision, with the Court observing that ‘the difference in the payroll of the Assistant Auditor compared to that of the Auditor General is reasonable in view of the increased powers exercised by the Auditor General over the Assistant Auditor General as specified in articles 115,116 and 117 of the Constitution.



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