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Argyri’s traditional workshop

In the traditional workshop of Argyri fresh fruit, aromatic herbs, oriental spices and wonderful-smelling flowers are transformed into spoon sweets, tasty jams, drinks and liqueurs.

Their quality is excelling, without preservatives. Products made with joy and love, give consumers who search for hand-made, traditional goods an alternative option.

Argyri’s cinnamon drink is unique in its taste and aroma. It is made with Ceylon cinnamon and served with hot or cold with mineral or sparkling water. Besides drinking it you can use it in tea, coffee, yoghurt, cream, cakes and all kinds of desserts.

Argyri also serves a variety of fresh lemonades. We prefer the one with rose petals. Also, her traditional lemonade manages to bring out the distinct tastes of sweetness, bitterness and strength of lemon. Her mint lemonade is also very refreshing and antioxidant.

Her spoon sweets are always welcome. Without many calories, no fat, thus no guilt. With a magic way, humble fruit transform into spoon sweets.

For breakfast we can try her traditional jams which come in traditional as well as new flavours. You’ll be spoiled for choice among the ‘grandma’s jam, the pomegranate jam and the quince jam.

A long day can end in a pleasant note with a nice dinner with liqueur. Fruits, flowers, spices and herbs that are stored for months in jars give great flavor to liqueurs. Again without preservatives. You can have them with main meals, coffee and desserts. Argyri offers combinations such as wine, champagne, juices and soft drinks.

For some snacking, you can try the traditional pastellaki with Cyprus honey, without sugar. Handmade with sesame, peanuts and almonds. A tasty, healthy and nutritious snack for all times and all ages.


Address: L. Sioni 15, 2727 Akaki, Nicosia, Tel. 96650345


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