Insider Business Apartment blocks and luxury properties on auction

Apartment blocks and luxury properties on auction

Cyprus banks will put entire apartment blocks and luxury properties under the hammer this month and in April in their bid to get dues back.

Foreclosures  are keeping Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank, Altamira, Alpha Bank and Societe Generale Bank Cyprus on alert these days and mass listings in the media are no coincidence.

According to latest data, a block of flats in the Agia Paraskevi area in Acropolis, Nicosia, which administered by Altamira is now being auctioned for €1.660.000.

Altamira also has under the hammer apartments located in a block of flats at the Nicosia suburb of Agios Dhometios. Prices range between €170,050, €121,125, €102,125, €122,075, €103,550, €124,450, and €142,975.

In addition, a 644 sq.m. plot of land at Chryseleousa area in Strovolos is being sold by Altamira for €694,450. And Bank of Cyprus has a plot of 2,106 sq.m. in Engomi on auction for €1,026,000.

Meanwhile, a three-storey building in Kaimakli with a total area of ​​5,528 sq.m., on Agios Ilarionos Street, is being auctioned by Bank of Cyprus for €2,242,400. Also in Kaimakli, a plot of land of 11,864 sq. metres with a factory built, is being sold at the price of €2.000.400.

And a plot of 1,027 sq.m. in Engomi, on Athens Street, is being auctioned for €522,000. And a 1,138 sq.m  plot of land at Agios Vasilios area, Strovolos, is being sold by Hellenic Bank at the price of €786,400.

A plot of 521 sq.m. in Strovolos is being auctioned by Hellenic for €432,000. And a detached house in Aglantzia is on sale for €680,000. In addition, a 226 sq.m. plot of land on which there is also a two-storey residence,  is sold for €188,000. As for Alpha Bank, it has an apartment on Heraklion Street, Strovolos, under the hammer for €119,500.

In Limassol, most property auctioned by banks concerns fields and, on a smaller scale, plots, residences and apartments. A plot of land located in Trachoni area is on sale by Altamira at the price of €323,850. On auction is also a plot of land within the area of the British base of Akrotiri, at the price of €111,350. And a half plot at Agios Spyridon area in Limassol is being auctioned by Hellenic Bank for €104,000.

Hellenic Bank also has a two-storey residence in Limassol – at Megalou Alexandrou street in Pyrgos – under the hammer for €230,400. And a plot of land of 460 sq. m. at Limassol’s Katholiki Church area is on auction for €389,600. Hellenic also has a villa on auction at Moutayiaka area in Limassol for €892,000. Alpha Bank has two residences on auction – one at the price of €152,100 and another for €92,000.

Bank of Cyprus has a two-storey residence of ​​2,745 sq.m. in Agios Tychonas area, Limassol, on auction for €914,000. A plot of 1,532 sq.m. in Limassol’s Souni-Zanatzia area is under the hammer by Alpha Bank for €434,000. And another plot of 635 sq.m. in Agia Fylaxeos area in Limassol is under the hammer by Bank of Cyprus for €556,000.

In Larnaca district, a 5,352 sq. metres plot of land at ​​Pyrga is sold by Altamira at the price of €52,800. Also, an apartment of 89 sq.m. in Agios Nikolaos area is on auction by Bank of Cyprus for €68,400. In Paphos district, a house with a swimming pool in Peyia is on auction by Alpha Bank for €229,500. Hellenic Bank has a house at Timi under the hammer for €282,400.

On auction by Societe Generale Bank Cyprus is a plot of land of 611 sq.m. with a house built on it, in Agios Theodoros area, Paphos, for €312,800.

And in Paralimni, Hellenic Bank has a four-bedroom villa for sale at the price of €425,600.


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