NewsLocalAnnouncement by Alphamega about Covid-19 cases

Announcement by Alphamega about Covid-19 cases

Alpamega has confirmed that employees at its Engomi supermarket have tested positive for coronavirus and assured that it is taking all the required steps in consultation with the Health Ministry.

They were detected as part of wider testing being carried out by the Health Ministry among public and private sector employees in contact with the public in order to locate asymptomatic Covid-19 cases.

The company did not say how many employees were infected.

“Immediately after confirmed cases were found and under the guidance of the Health Ministry which yesterday afternoon sent a relevant letter, Alphamega hypermarkets activated a plan of action taking all the advised safety and hygiene measures,” the company said in an announcement on Tuesday.

“It is worth noting that placing the protection of personnel and public health as the top priority, Alphamega hypermarkets, considered it essential that employees undergo preventive tests. The cases were found in this way,” it added.

Tracing has started, all personnel at the specific supermarket are in home isolation and will also undergo tests. New personnel has been brought in to operate the supermarket, it said.

“Alphamega Hypermarkets assure that that all the necessary measures are being taken to protect clients and personnel and for this reason there is no reason for concern,” it added.

“It is worth noting that daily all Alphamega supermarkets are disinfected and cleaned by specialised crews,” it added.

CEO Yiorgos Theodotou said that the company was handling the issue in cooperation with the Health Ministry, adhering strictly to the instructions and procedures of the relevant protocol.

“As a social responsible organisation we considered it our duty for our personnel to undergo preventive tests since a place which receives thousands of people every day is very likely to see cases,” he added.

Theodotou said that concerted efforts have been underway for a month now to offer the best possible service and protection to members of the public and thanked employees for their professionalism and dedication during these difficult times.

He also wished a speedy recovery to the colleagues and pledged every possible help.

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