Anna Vissi

‘Performing live at Kourion Ancient Theatre is like living out a childhood dream’.

Just few hours before her live performance at Kourion Ancient Theatre, Anna Vissi recalls her very first time there, 45 years ago, speaking at the same time about her new, triple live CD and explains how she draws her strength from her people.

-Recently, you have revealed with an Instagram post that a live concert at Kourion Ancient theatre was like a childhood dream for you. Why this didn’t happen before?

-Actually, I performed at Kourion once, many years ago, in August 1973, within the context of ‘Agia Tilliria’, a play by George Kotsonis and Spyros Papageorgiou. The same year we also performed at Salamina. Therefore, I am saying that performing now at Kourion is like fulfilling a childhood dream, recalling sweet memories from the past.

-Do you remember other concerts you attended at Kourion before?

-No, but I hope that I will never forget my own live performance which is set to take place there on Wednesday, on the 5th of September.

-So, what we should expect from you on the 5th of September?

-I will present a program full of energy and love with my new and older hits, songs that we all loved, Latin, pop, rock, ballads, classical folk songs that have written their own story in time. And many more…

-You come in Cyprus with the same band for the third year in a row. What does this band mean for for you?

-This band means a lot to me, they are my people, and I draw strength from my people. There is an absolute chemistry between us, an emotional intimacy based on a high level of respect and a straightforward amicality.

-You released a new, live triple CD in July. What can your fans expect from that CD?

-My new CD includes the most memorable moments from my live, 5-hour performances at Hotel Ermou the last 3 years.

-Which songs do you love most?

-I love ‘Magiko Xali’, ‘Re’, ‘Dwdeka’, and many more.

-What are your future plans? Do you prepare new songs?

-Nikos and I we are always in the studio, writing songs that inspire us.

-This winter you will be at Hotel Ermou again?

-Yes, we are about to start in December! Hotel Ermou has a great vibe, it feels like home!

-What are your sources of creativity?

-For me, music is a relentless source of creativity and inspiration, on daily basis.

*Anna Vissi will perform live at Kourion Ancient Theatre, along with her 13-member band, on Wednesday, September 5. She will be accompanied by an 11-member orchestra and the singers Nikolas Raptakis and Natasa Mindrinou.



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