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Anastasiades announces easing of lockdown from May 4

President Nicos Anastasiades on Wednesday announced the gradual easing of the lockdown in two stages starting from May 4.

Further relaxations will come into force on May 21.

These concern both sectors of the economy and movement of people who from May 4 will be allowed three movements from their house a day. Restrictions on movement will be scrapped altogether on May 21.

Saying he felt proud of what has been achieved so far, the president said that it was important to adhere to the rules and warned against complacency.

In a televised address, Anastasiades said that the Council of Ministers had decided to end some of the restrictive measures which will allow a gradual return to an acceptable way of life without endangering what we have achieved.

“At today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers and having taken into consideration the views of the scientific team and the recommendations of the European Commission and the World Health Organisation, the first two stages for the gradual lifting of the restrictions which start on May 4 and 21 respectively were decided,” he said.

The decisions:

May 4


  1. No restrictions on the construction sector and related businesses
  2. Reopening of all retail shops except malls and department stores, subject to various rules regarding hygiene
  3. Reopening of farmers markets, open bazaars, again under conditions relating to hygiene
  4. Reopening of tourist and travel offices

Public sector

  1. Full operation of public sector; return of all employees to work except for vulnerable groups as per the relevant list and those who have to look after children up to 15 years old. Both groups must carry out assignments given to them from home.

2. This allows courts to resume subject to instructions to be issued by the Supreme Court


  1. Last year of secondary school (public and private) will go back to class on May 11. The Education Minister will make announcements for the other levels of education. Pending the full operation of schools, tele-schooling will continue.

Public health

  1. From May 4 restrictions end and Dental Services re-operate


1. Citizens will be allowed three SMS a day for movement

  1. Curfew from 10 pm to 6 am


May 4

  1. Pray at church and other places of worship allowed provided there are no more than 10 people at any one time

2. Decree for weddings, funerals and christenings remains

June 1

  1. From June 1 church-going and other forms of religious worship will be allowed given that all health protocols are followed as will be defined by the MoH. The same will apply for weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Personal fitness

  1. Exercise (walking, swimming in the sea,cycling etc) allowed in open areas, paths and paths within parks, provided only two people each time. Underage children are not subject to this restriction.
  2. Parks and children’s areas remain closed


  1. Opening of sport facilities for high performance athletes on May 4

2. Training of teams to be allowed from May 18

From May 21

  1. All restrictions on movement to be lifted
  2. Freedom to use parks, play areas in open areas, squares, marinas, provided gatherings are not more than 10 people
  3. Catering establishments reopen only outside, based on strict protocols to be issued by the Labour Ministry
  4. Hairdressers, barbers and beauticians

From June 1

  1. Access to and operation of organized beaches

2. Ports to come into full operation with the exception of disembarkation of passengers from cruise ships

3. Reopening of libraries, museums, archaeological and historical sites

4. Reoperation of betting shops


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