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Bill to provide designated areas at work for breastfeeding

The Ministry of Health has announced an amendment to legislation will be made to provide for the creation of specially designed areas for breastfeeding, milk pumping and milk storage in places where women work.

The Council of Ministers approved the amending bill on Wednesday following a proposal by the Minister of Health Konstantinos Ioannou.

The relevant Regulations that will be submitted for voting in the House of Representatives set out the minimum requirements for the creation and operation of spaces in which female employees who are breastfeeding will be able to breastfeed their children safely.

According to the Regulations, the workplace should have a room inside the business premises, with easy access, air conditioned, with adequate lighting and adequate ventilation, in order to preserve the health of both baby and mother as well as their privacy.

The operation of the specially designed space can be either permanent or temporary depending on whether there is a breastfeeding woman on premises at the time.

While in establishments where many businesses are co-located like department stores, shopping malls etc, arrangements must be made to create a space that will serve all female employees who breastfeed.

Source: Philenews

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