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Alternative bakeries

By Artemis Evagorou

I fully understand the irony of writing about the best alternative bakeries, although I avoid gluten. However when I want to let myself go, I want to eat the most creative, imaginative and tasty pastries on the market.

Constantinides Bakeries

Check out how many Nicosians start their day with breakfast before they gym: “vegan protein pancakes with vegan almond cream, without sugar, served with vegan granola without sugar! Can I hear an amen? All this packaged and ready to eat during yoga while doing the warrior’s stance or on the treadmill.

Whenever you won’t be building your muscles with pancakes, you can visit Constantinides bakeries to have chocolate and biscuit logs, chocolate tarts, billionaire bars, baklava, fruit tarts, chia puddings and more, all without sugar and I won’t say vegan again but #nistisimo.

Many of their sweets are made without flour, either using nuts or oats instead. Their breads are prepared carefully such as the low-gluten multi-seed Zeus or the low-carbohydrate bread with protein cannabis. Of course, they make simple and traditional bakery goods, following the old recipes of the Constantinides family.

Archbishop Makariou 79, Latsia, Nicosia, Monday-Sunday 05:00-24:00

Honest Bread Bakery

I admit it, spatial orientation is not my strong spot, however I believe that you too will need a GPS to find this tiny neighbourhood bakery. There’s no need to be ashamed, use the damn thing, as Honest Bread is worth it. Once you enter it you will be welcomed by warm smell of sourdough. The customers’ favourites are the sourdough bread, a variation of the traditional Cyprus koulouri and the handmade sourdough butter croissants which are made on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

On top of these, the olive pies, the focaccia and the oat bread are also worth a try. This bakery’s name “Honest Bread” make sense as its bread is “Honestly Good”.

Aristofanous 25, Strovolos, Monday-Friday 09:00-19:00, Saturday 09:00-15:00.

Wood nFire Art Bakery

At Wood n’ Fire Art Bakery the see bread making as an art, so every morning at 1 am, while we are in our third dream, they start kneading and preparing their breads in a wood oven and on a stone slab, something which makes their crust crunchy, the inside fluffy and the smell incredible.

They also make sure to keep a large part of the population who don’t eat animal products, happy with creations such as calzone with mushroom, potato and dill stuffing, peynirli with quinoa, vegetables and tomato sauce, boreks with vegan dough and stuffing made with halva and almonds, among others. Many cafes get their sandwiches from this bakery. Also, if you go, don’t forget to try the rye bread. They make good coffee too!

Vyzantiou 40-42, Nicosia, Monday-Thursday 07:00-22:00, Friday-Saturday 07:00-22:30, 70087878.

Qboo Bakehouse

At Qboo you will find some of the tastiest breads in the island. Probably the first alternative bakery n Cyprus, it has been making, for years now, fresh artisan breads and pastries with recipes inspired from German tradition. Here we get my son’s favourite croissants, filled with whole chocolate chips instead of ready-made paste and my favourite country bread with crunchy brown crust and a fluffy interior, as well as my favourite gluten-free organic bread with quinoa. Qboo offers two kinds of certified gluten-free organic bread, while they also make nine kinds of bread with organic flour. Their pretty and cozy space also operates as a cafe where you can enjoy a variety of warm dishes in the morning and for lunch.

Prodromou 51, Nicosia, Monday-Friday 07:30-20:00, Saturday 07:30-14:00, 22270477.

Galette Artisan Bakery

I am obsessed with this bakery and their galettes. The first time I tasted this small, rustic tart full of French countryside flavours, I made it a mission to reproduce in my kitchen, while needless to say, two years after, I still haven’t achieved it. Their breadsticks with carrot, beetroot or spinach are also great. Their tsourekia are so fluffy that when you take a bite you will feel that you’re eating a cloud with a warm filling of heaven. Their breads, which are all made with sourdough, without preservatives are definitely worth your attention. Don’t forget the galette!

Anexartisias 67, Limassol, Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday 08:00-20:00, Wednesday 08:00-19:00, Sunday 09:00-17:00, 25100715/Molos (Spyrou Araouzou 33), Monday-Sunday 07:30-23:00, 25100815.

Silo the Bakery Project

The conversation I had with my husband about this Silo went like this: “Baby, I’ve discovered a bakery in Larnaca that you will love. They have a big variety of breads, those with the weird flours you like, they have a breadstick bar, a cookie bar and these pretty tarts which you eat in one bite.” “Take me there immediately, I said.”

And he took me, my lovely reader, and it was as romantic as I imagined it: charcoal baguettes, breads with dinkel flour, buckwheat, chia and linseed, a special bar-breadstick heaven. What a pleasant sight to see traditional Cypriot creations next to more experimental pastries like a big, loving family.

And since we’re talking about family, they’ve added a new baby to their pie family, the “Tart Frapuccino with meringue.”  All these in an adorable, warm space which makes you feel like you’re in a hipster bakery in london. They also offer healthy salads, smoothies and fresh juices.

Faneromenis 151, Larnaca, Monday-Sunday 06:00-22:00, 70007456.



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