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Alphamega says Covid-19 case at Acropolis outlet, operating normally

Alphamega hypermarkets said on Saturday that they were informed the previous evening by the Health Ministry of a confirmed coronavirus case at their Acropolis outlet.

“After taking all the required steps in consultation with the ministry, the supermarket will continue to operate normally,” it said in a written announcement.

Staff of the specific department have been placed in home isolation and will undergo the necessary medical tests. The area has been disinfected by specialised crews and the department is operating normally from today with new staff, the company announced.

Protecting staff and clients and public health were top priorities, Alphamega said and added that it had at its own initiative had staff tested and the positive case emerged from this process.

“All the required protective measures and all the necessary rules of hygiene are taken at all Alphamega supermarkets, while specialised crews disinfect and clean every day, the company said.

And it once more thanked staff for their responsible and dedication.

This is the second case at an Alphamega outlet.

Last week, the company had confirmed employees at its Engomi supermarket have tested positive for coronavirus and took all the required steps in consultation with the Health Ministry, including removing and replacing staff and disinfecting the premises.

Under the latest decree, the name of any business that serves the public that detects a positive coronavirus case is given to the public  in the interest of public health.

In addition, it can only resume operation with the permission of the Health Ministry subject to taking specific measures including removing all the employees at the premises and disinfecting.

The government has also made testing of all employees in the retail food and drink chain mandatory and told employers they must ensure their staff undergo the test within 14 days.

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