InsiderBusinessAlpha Real Estate Services also puts up property for sale

Alpha Real Estate Services also puts up property for sale

More and more properties in Cyprus are up for sale by banks because their owners cannot meet their loan obligations and Alpha Real Estate Services have also joined the race.

Their website is now loaded with properties for sale in all of the island’s districts and with expression of interest invited.

Specifically, a 12-years-old apartment at Chryseleousa area in Strovolos with four bedrooms and five toilets is now up for sale. As well as a two-bedroom apartment at the same area which goes for €150,000.

Plenty of properties are also available for sale in other areas and especially near the sea. In Tersefanou, lots of one-bedroom apartments are now up for sale. They are part of Tersefanou Village 2 complex, Majestic Gardens 2, Majestic Gardens 3, Elysian Fields Spa Resort, and Regal Gardens 1. There is also an advertised one-bedroom apartment at Mazotos with a shared swimming pool.

Two bedroom apartments are also available for sale in that area. Almost all of these properties do not have a sale price, and interested parties are invited to submit bids.

However, other properties have their prices advertised. For example, a studio apartment which is part of Majestic Gardens 3 is up for sale for €32,000. A two bedroom apartment on Agios Ilarionas Street at Perivolia, part of the Mediterranean Homes complex, is also up for sale. Along with a two bedroom apartment which is part of the Ornamental Court complex.

At the same time, the list of properties for sale in Paphos is quite interesting. Most of possessed properties in the coastal town are located in Diana 47 complex, Vanesa complex in Pegia, and 4U Delta complex in downtown Paphos.

Also for sale is a one bedroom apartment located in Toscana Hills complex in Argaka village. Tenders are also invited for a two-bedroom apartment in Block G of Paphos Riviera complex with a shared swimming pool and yard at Universal area.

Also for sale is a two bedroom apartment in Diana 47 complex consisting of 12 units in 2 blocks. There is also an apartment on the ground floor of block 5 of Konia Village 3 complex featuring a shared pool and yard.

In Paralimni area, a two bedroom house for sale is part of the Mimosa Villas complex and features a shared swimming pool. In addition, a two bedroom house which is part of Blue Springs Villas complex and has a swimming pool is also up for sale.

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