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Agriculture Ministry: Don’t leave pets out in the cold

As temperatures drop, the Agriculture Ministry is appealing to everyone to remember that dogs, cats and other pets can get as cold as humans and can develop hypothermia.

“The widespread perception that all animals, due to their fur, are very resistant to cold, is not true. No pet should remain outside, at low temperatures, for long periods,” it said on its Facebook page.

If for any reason an animal should remain outside for a few hours, be sure to provide it with a warm, solid shelter, protected from the wind and rain.

The floor of the shelter must be raised from the ground and the mattress where the animal sleeps should be thick and warm. It is important that there is always access to fresh water.

“If you notice that your pet cries, shakes, looks restless or slows its movements, transport it immediately to a warm place and wrap it with a blanket, because these are signs of hypothermia. If the situation does not improve or gets worse, transfer it to a vet immediately,” the ministry concluded.

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