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Actions to be taken by Deputy Ministry of Shipping within 2020

Cyprus Deputy Minister of Shipping Natasa Pilides has listed actions taken and expected to be completed soon as well as planned ones for 2020 in a note presented before parliament this week.

To start with, Pilides wants all departments of the deputy ministry to be housed under one roof considering that they are now spread out in three different buildings.

In addition, all of the deputy ministry’s capabilities will be explored during 2020 and new web applications will be developed and implemented through an upgraded website. This will also include ship registration.

The note informed that registry procedures and all other activities of the State-Flag were updated. The ultimate goal is for all of the deputy ministry’s activities to be recorded by end of 2020.

At the same time, the opening of a competition for a new network of independent ship inspectors will be announced so as to undertake the provision of services on Cyprus-flagged ships in various ports abroad, on a global basis.

Pilides also noted that the deputy ministry intends to reconsider the issue of assigning work to independent registrar representatives in selected countries with the aim of promoting the Cyprus flag.

Another major step to be taken by the deputy ministry is the strengthening of existing legislation. Because the existing framework governing the use of leisure boats operating within Cyprus’ territorial waters is weak.

The deputy ministry plans to submit to the House of Representatives a draft bill in 2020 after legal and public consultation procedures are completed.

By early 2020, an even more targeted campaign promoting Cyprus shipping will be implemented through the participation of representatives of the deputy ministry in specialised events overseas as well as through closer relations with shipping companies registered in Cyprus.

Specifically, meetings and joint events are planned with senior executives of shipping companies in London, Hamburg, Shanghai, Norway, Tokyo, America and Russia.

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