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A year of chasing storms in Cyprus (photos+video)

YouTube user George Paraskevaidis created a video in which he compiled his own footage of storms that took place in Cyprus in the past year.

George filmed and took pictures of many storms across Cyprus between May 2018 to May 2019.

He says that he relied on predictions by KitasWeather and used them to travel to locations where storms were going to take place to record footage.

“I started storm chasing as a hobby three years ago. In the first year I was taking pictures with my mobile phone and in the past two years I do it with a relatively good equipment,” George says.

Storm chasing is a “way of life” for him and a way to enjoy natural phenomena. “It is not easy and you have to be careful and get information  about the course of the storms and their intensity. You get an adrenaline pump, especially when the storms are intense and lengthy, however these are the best parts,” George says.

He adds that he gets all the help he needs from Eric Kitas of KitasWeather and meteorologist Kyriacos Costa and often looks at radars to see where lightnings will strike.

“The most important things is to always have a plan B, both for your own safety and to be able to record the best and most beautiful footage possible. Sometimes you leave without being able to do so, but it’s still an experience that helps you become patient and better informed for the next storm.”

Find George on Facebook here.

(Video first posted on the Facebook Group Weather Enthusiasts of Cyprus)

The past winter, was one of the heaviest in recent memory. According to Cyprus’ met office, the seven month period from October 2018 to April 7, 2019 was the the second wettest seven-month period on record, with 724.9 mm of rain.

The wettest seven-month period was in 1968/1969 with 775.6 mm of rain.

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