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A “sad” budget of just €667,000 to be allocated for National Guard needs due to early conscript dismissals

The decision for the early dismissal of the 2020 B’ conscripts who secured a place in British Universities is directly related with meeting the needs of the National Guard in human resources.

That is because the prematurely dismissed conscripts will need to be replaced to a large extend by contract soldiers.

However, in order for the Ministry of Defence to proceed with new staff recruitment, an additional allocation of funds is needed, which will be secured through a supplementary budget grant.

The issue was found yesterday, according to Philenews’ information, in the Council of Ministers’ agenda.

The Council approved a proposal for an additional budget for the Defence Ministry amounting to €667,000 pending approval from Parliament.

This will cover the recruitment of at least 200 contract soldiers to cover needs that will arise from the early dismissal of those who will be studying at British universities this year.

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