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A Digital Community for all The English School graduates

A digital community to strengthen and enhance the alumni’s connection to their school was presented at a special evening on Thursday, November 29, which was successfully held at The English School’s premises in Nicosia in the School’s Hall.

The Digital English School Alumni Community was introduced as part of an innovative initiative that gives the opportunity to graduates to learn how to promote and support their school through the new Alumni Portal. Through this Digital Community, The English School graduates can stay in touch with each other, remain informed and have access to updates about any future developments. The community also grants access to graduates to help support their school, which aims at constantly modernizing and upgrading its facilities and academic standards.

The Portal allows each graduate to support the school that provided them with their academic, social and psychological wellbeing, by providing mentorship through the student-alumni mentorship programme or by offering internships to current students amongst other schemes, helping build strong connections between current and former students.

The event was honoured by the presence of Energy, Commerce, Industry & Tourism Minister,  George Lakkotrypis, an English School graduate, accompanied by other highly regarded graduates from the field of business, arts and politics. During his salutation, Lakkotrypis referred to the high level of academic standards, followed by The English School and their contribution to later life. He underlined the importance of each graduate to remain an active member of the school community and supporting in their own way its valuable efforts.

The evening was complemented by music provided by the acclaimed musician Alex Panayi, yet another English School graduate, who performed together with a group of musically gifted graduates and current students.

The event aimed at uniting English School graduates providing them with the opportunity to learn about the school’s activities and goals achieved to date, such as the newly built facilities and the new objectives set by the Board of Management. During the event, guests were shown the newly constructed Newham building and the renovated athletic facilities. The new 23-classroom building with a large Canteen area and several Common Rooms is expected to open its doors in December 2018. The transformation of the former Art Centre into a Sixth Form Centre, a space specially designed to suit the needs of the 6th and 7th Form students, with facilities such as a Café, Study area and Careers Advice Centre, is also underway.

It is worth noting that throughout the school’s 118 years of operation, The English School’s primary aim has been to empower its students by offering them the highest possible standards in education. The school’s commitment to excellence is apparent through the continuous upgrading of its facilities and academic programmes.

Furthermore, it was announced that the Board of Management’s aims include an upgrade of all the sports facilities, such as the Futsal, Tennis and Hockey courts. To empower creativity amongst the school’s students, the School wishes to establish a Model Centre for Research and Innovation, build excellent IT & Robotics facilities as well as enable network relationships with local and international IT companies. Additionally, a new project is underway to help this historic school further expand its curriculum in the fields of Humanities and Theatre.

The Education Institute’s Board of Directors has set high goals towards the growth and the development of the school. In this endeavour, the English School invites its graduates to provide their support in this new era of modernisation.

To become an alumni member, graduates can register at the Alumni Portal

“Once an English School student, always an English school student.”

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