News Local 97.9% of Cypriot children in good or very good health - Eurostat

97.9% of Cypriot children in good or very good health – Eurostat

In 2017, 97.9% children in Cyprus were considered to be in good or very good general health, according to Eurostat.

The EU average was 95% and Cyprus ranks 8th in the EU.

This percentage changes only slightly by age group, from 96.5% for those aged under five (97.5% in Cyprus) to 95.9% for those aged five to nine (98.9% in Cyprus) and 95.2% for those aged ten to fifteen (96.8% in Cyprus).

The average percentage of children whose general health was considered to be bad or very bad in the EU was under 1% for all age groups, but exceeded 1.2% for Cyprus among children less than five years old.

Limitations in activities due to health problems

Less than 5% of children in the EU (1.7% in Cyprus) in 2017 were considered to have limitations in activities due to health problems.

In 2017, the percentage of children aged under five considered to be in good or very good health ranged from 92.4% in Estonia to more than 99% in Bulgaria, Malta, Romania and Italy.

Among children aged five to nine, the proportion of those considered to be in good or very good health was lowest in Portugal (89.3%) and Latvia (91.2%) and highest in Romania (99.8%), Cyprus (98.9%), Italy (98.8%) and Greece (98.7%).

Among those aged ten to fifteen, the percentage considered to be in good or very good health varied from below 90% in Latvia (88.0%), Portugal (88.7%) and Estonia (89.6%) to above 98% in Romania (99.1%), Italy (98.4%) and Bulgaria (98.2%)

In 2017, among children aged under five, the percentage considered to have severe limitations in activity due to health problems was under 1% in all Member States except the United Kingdom (1.1%), Belgium (1.4%), Finland (1.5%) and Austria (1.6%).

For moderate limitations in activity there was greater variation between Member States, ranging from less than 1% in Italy (0.2%), Cyprus (0.6%), Malta (0.7%) and Bulgaria (0.9%) to 4.9% in Denmark, 7.8% in Lithuania, 8.6% in Latvia.

For children aged five to nine, the proportion with severe limitations in activity was highest in the United Kingdom (3.7%), Denmark (2.4%), Luxembourg (2.3%) and Hungary (2.2%), and lowest in Italy and Bulgaria (both 0.3%).

Moderate limitations in activity ranged from 0.2% in Italy and 0.9% in Greece to 7.9% in Finland, 8.3% in Lithuania, 8.4% in Estonia and 11.9% in Latvia.

Among those aged ten to fifteen, proportions with severe limitations in activity ranged from 0.1% in Lithuania to 2.9% in Luxembourg and 4.7% in the United Kingdom, while moderate limitations varied between 0.7% in Slovakia and 0.8% in Italy and Cyprus to 10.9% in Denmark, 11.4% in Finland and 13.5% in Latvia.

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