NewsLocal76.5% of recent graduates in Cyprus were employed in 2018 (map)

76.5% of recent graduates in Cyprus were employed in 2018 (map)

In 2018, 82% of recent graduates across the European Union were employed, according to the latest Eurostat figures.

In other words, 82% of young people aged 20-34 who had successfully obtained at least an upper secondary level of education in the past 1-3 years and are not in further education were in employment.

This figure has increased for five years in a row, up from a relative low of 75% in 2013, recorded in the aftermath of the global financial and economic crisis.

For Cyprus the  2018 figure was 76.5% up from 67.6% the previous year. It was 70.1% in 2016, 66.1% in 2015 and 65.1% in 2014, according to Eurostat.

In 2018, the employment rate for recent graduates reached 90% or higher in 75 NUTS level 2 regions concentrated across much of Czechia, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden, with the south-east German region of Niederbayern recording the highest regional employment rate for recent graduates (98%).

In contrast, less than one third of recent graduates were in employment in four EU regions. Three were in southern Italy: Sicilia (27%), Basilicata and Calabria (both 31%), and one region in central Greece: Sterea Ellada (32%; low reliability).

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