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700 families adopted in Christmas charity campaign

It’s been another successful year for the annual campaign “Adopt a family this Christmas” organised by the Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council (PVCC) that saw 700 families adopted.

The campaign helps families in need to have a joyful Christmas by issuing a call for donations from individuals, families, public authorities, businesses and generally anyone who can help. Recommended donations are food, Christmas delicacies, gifts for children, vouchers/coupons from supermarkets/stores, and any other supplies that can bring joy to families on Christmas.

On this year’s campaign, the President of PVCC Elias Demetriou said that “there is still a lot of poverty around and many people are in need of our support, which is why we are conducting this campaign for a 6th consecutive year.”

“In a recent visit to a woman in Nicosia,” he continued, “we discovered that there was no food at all in her house. Every family and every child should have food on the table and everything they need to have a festive Christmas.”

“One family in Nicosia with 7 children,” he said, “looks forward to our visits and you can see the gratitude in people’s faces, how happy those children are and with what joy families in need come to us to receive chocolates, sweets and other delicacies. It’s those smiles that give you the courage to go on and make all efforts worthwhile.”

So far 700 families have reached out to PVCC and received their Christmas packages with over 500 volunteers having worked hard in their free time to distribute the donated products to the families.

The packages were prepared according to the particular characteristics of each family like the number of family members and the ages of the children.

“We had a great variety of items. We received everything, from sanitary products to supermarket vouchers, Christmas desserts, you name it,” Demetriou said.

PVCC announced that the campaign will be extended for those who still want to submit their donations or reach out for help.

The public can contact the organisation at any time, even after Christmas, on 22514786 and 22512602 for Nicosia, 25737761 for Limassol, 24650525 for Larnaca, 26953725 for Paphos, 99124521 for Famagusta and 97743185 for Kyrenia.

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