NewsLocal64 booked for breaking stay at home decree overnight

64 booked for breaking stay at home decree overnight

Police booked 64 drivers and pedestrians overnight for breaking the decree restricting movement and imposing a curfew from 9 pm to 6 am.

One premise was also booked.

Overall, between 6 pm on Friday and 6 am on Saturday, police carried out 4177 checks to implement the stay at home decree.

Nicosia: 1181 checks, 8 booked

Limassol: 1527 checks, 33 booked

Larnaca: 554 checks, 5 booked

Paphos: 154 checks, 9 booked

Morphou: 148 checks, 1 booked

Police HQ traffic unit: 200 checks, none booked

MMAD: 35 checks, none booked

Police also carried out 627 checks from 6 pm to 6 am on premises and one was booked.

The checks were:

Nicosia: 98 checks, none booked

Limassol  18 checks, none booked

Larbaca: 110 checks, none booked

Paphos: 268 checks, none booked

Famagusta: 111 checks, one booked

Morphou: 22 checks, none booked


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