On the night of 13th /14th February 2010 the victim attended a party at a Greek club with her friend. She was drinking during the evening and additionally accepted a drink from a stranger.

She claimed that this made her feel very unwell and to lose all recollection of events after that point in time. Witnesses state that she could not walk or stand up properly.

She was approached by Sampson and his friend who offered to assist her and her friend home. CCTV footage showed the victim being carried into her home from the taxi cab. Once in her home Sampson claimed to be a medical doctor hence earning the trust of her friend, who then went to another room to sleep.

The mobile phone of the other male present was seized and this was found to contain footage of Sampson engaging in sex acts with the victim who appeared too incapacitated to willingly participate.

Additionally, on awakening, the morning after the assault, the victim discovered that her mobile phones were missing from the house, as were her flatmate’s laptop and computer games console.

SAMPSON was identified by a member of staff at the club as the male who left with her. Both SAMPSON and his friend were arrested on 19/02/2010.

Suspect description

  • Suspect name: Costas SAMPSON
  • Sex: Male
  • Age range: 20 – 25
  • Height: 175 – 180 cm (approx 5′ 10″)
  • Build: Large
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Hair type: Short crop

Additional Information

SAMPSON has brown eyes and a Mediterranean complexion. He is right-handed.

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